K Line expands tech system to chartered vessels

Source: https://smartmaritimenetwork.com/2021/01/05/k-line-expands-tech-system-to-chartered-vessels/

Japanese shipping company ‘K’ Line reports that it has begun the roll-out of the Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions (K-IMS) system for integrated ship operations and performance management aboard its chartered vessels, to add to the existing installations on its owned ship fleet.

K-IMS has been installed on about 140 vessels to date, mainly ships owned by ‘K’ Line. The system includes a variety of smartphone and PC applications that are used for early detection of abnormalities with live data monitoring, performance analysis, and navigation optimisation.

The software package was created under a joint development project between ‘K’ Line and Kawasaki Heavy Industries in 2016. Development centred on expansion and integration of the capabilities of ‘K’ Line’s existing technology systems used to gather data and analyse vessel operations.

These included SPAS (Ship Performance Analysing System), an electrical AB log and vessel performance analysis software, and EP-Monitor (Engine Plant Monitor), a remote system for vessel engine plant condition monitoring, as well as a navigation optimisation platform called NAVI, which were all integrated to create a new centralised data collection and analysis infrastructure.

The K-IMS system was expanded with a series of updates in late 2019 to introduce additional functionality, adding new data sources, equipment integrations and analysis parameters.

“In the future, obtained Big Data and information will be shared not only with the operator but also the ship owner and ship manager through a common platform in the cloud and can be monitored with multiple eyes to accelerate elaborated vessel operation and management,” the company said, in a statement.

“Through this expansion, ‘K’ Line will make a safe, environment-friendly, more solid and highly qualified operation on all their fleets.”

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