Second Surveyor

Varied Functions varied according to the customer's needs.

 We are in close contact with our clients (mainly FOB buyers). Our services vary according our client’s need.
   •Our services loading and unloading supervision.
   •Arrival information.
   •Stowage plan.
   •Relation between facts and times during  the loading and unloading operation.
   •Report, as required, of the cargo status per shipper.
   •Report of land tanks and vessel tanks measurement (in liquid loads)


Verification of the good performance of the control company personnel , informing any type of anomaly that may happen during the operation and that may impair our client if the superior does not do it.
The surveyor is provided with the necessary elements to make sure there is no alteration of samples.
Dry cargo (grain, oilseeds, sub-products).
Sealing of samples every 500 MT or fraction (quantity to be agreed on) by shipper and product.
In case of liquid cargo, land tanks sampling.
During the loading, the sample is done by shipper.
Once the loading is finished, sampling of the vessel tanks.
In all the cases a reference sampling is done when starting each shipper. This sampling is then available for its analysis.



During operation avoid problems detected early towering figures spend or lose money.



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