Checks and Sampling in General.

Holds/tank or vessel/barges inspection either as a service required by the client or prior to the loading. Inspection at roadstead ( service used to avoid delays at the moment of the loading in case the warehouse / tanks are rejected ).

• Water tightness verification

• Stock verification

• Fumigation verification

• Control of loading / unloading: barge vessels - container - cars - trucks.
• Control, Inspection and Verification (prior to loading / unloading) in: warehouse - ship tanks - truck tank - wagons - barges - etc.
• Control of pumps: among land tanks (vegetable oils - petroleum and derivatives).
• Control of stock tanks and various: measurements - calculations and existence.
• Control the amount determined by: weight - count - measurements – weight volumetric calculations - etc.
• Monitoring and verification of merchandise in: Boarding - pre-shipment - deposits - in transit - etc.
• Pre-sampling and sampling: petroleum and by-products - fertilizers - chemical - and cereal products - oil and by-products - BIO-Diesel


During operation avoid problems detected early towering figures spend or lose money.

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