What is it?

The SENASA initials, Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria are for National Agri-Food Industry Quality and Health Service. 

This company is a decentralized organism with economic-financial, technical-administrative autarchy and endowed with its own legal status, under the National Agroindustry Ministry.
They are in charge of executing the national politics with regard to the animal’s and vegetable’s quality and health and of the innocuousness of their competitor`s food. Also to verify that the norms (referred to the subject) are being respected.

Our company is enrolled in Argentinian’s seeds and by-products controller and certifiers register, accordingly to what is stablished in the 44/94 resolution from SENASA.    .



What is it?

The RUCA initials, Registro Único de la Cadena Agroalimentaria are for the Single Register of the Agri-Food Chain.

RUCA counts with inspectors who are enrolled in the Single Register of the Agri-Food Chain’s Operators, accomplishing with the requirements stablished by the SENASA.


What is it?

The Argentine Accreditation Body (OAA for its initials in Spanish) is a private non-profit entity and has the authority to apply to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Accreditation is a declaration of competence to develop specific tasks of conformity assessment and perform their tasks impartially.


OAA certified that SAPEI Control Service satisfies the requirements established by IRAM – ISO / IEC 17020:2013 Standard and recognizes its competence for performing the inspection duties with impartiality and consistency.




What is it?

Gafta is an international trade association with more than 1900 members in 98 countries. Its aim is to promote international trade in agricultural commodities, spices and general produce, and to protect its members’ interests worldwide.


Sapei Control Service operates as superintendent authorized by GAFTA (Grain and Feed Trade Association). The scope includes the current GAFTA Code of Practice for Superintendent Companies and the GAFTA sampling and weighing rules.



What is it?

The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations Ltd (FOSFA) is a professional international contract issuing and arbitral body concerned exclusively with the world trade in oilseeds, oils and fats with 1,156 members in 88 countries.

Internationally, 85% of the global trade in oils and fats is traded under FOSFA contracts. Sapei Control Service is a FOSFA Superintendent Member and works according to the Code of Practice of this organization for a good international commerce.

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