Argentina, the "Silicon Valley" of Blockchain


The great companies from Internet, such as Google and Facebook, were founded in Silicon Valley. It couldn´t had been in other way. It was necessary the innovative environment, entrepreneurship and risk capital from the San Francisco’s harbor area to build the giants from Internet.

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published the paper where he presented the blockchain technology and the bitcoin, the first crypto currency. He did not do it in the Silicon Valley. Ethereum, the second most important project from the Industry, was born in Toronto, but with a global effort.

For the last years, to play in the first Internet Industry you had to move to the Bay Area. But the tendency of the blockchain decentralization was also given in a geographic level. The innovation today is happening in a global scale, with its principal nodes in New York, Berlin, London, Singapore, Tokyo and Buenos Aires.

Argentina is a global blockchain referent. Perhaps because, after a history full of monetary and governor crisis, we understood before than others, the potential of this technology. Worldwide elite projects were born in Argentina. Zeppelin, for example, is one of the most important codes audits of the world. Decentraland is building a world of decentralized virtual reality. RSK is a project that builds a technology that pursue to compete with ethereum. An important development center is found in Tucuman. Kleros, a business that develops a system of arbitration based in blockchain, was elected recently between the 5 most interesting blockchain projects from France, with the peculiarity that their CEO, lives in Argentina. His cofounders are French. The rest of the team is distributed between USA, Canada, Peru, Germany, Portugal, Estonia, Serbia and Slovenia.

It was always said that Argentina has creative entrepreneurs and the most qualified talent from the region. The problem was the legal setting and the capital access. The blockchain democratized this access. What was before only found in Silicon Valley, today can be obtained in Buenos Aires.

The Argentinian entrepreneurs from the blockchain form part of the global network of knowing, talent and finance. Unlike other sectors, they don’t need neither active policies nor soft loans. They need a regulatory setting that does not block and a tax system that does not squeeze them. The seed is growing. But is fragile. An intelligent policy in relation with the crypto currency could consolidate Argentina as a global development pole of this industry. An unfortunate policy probably would end with a talented exodus moving to other latitudes (possibly to Uruguay).

The blockchain announces a transformation of the finance and legal industries. A movement that means that Argentina can be in vanguard. Not only for the going projects but also for everyone that can come if the favorable conditions are created. The talent is present. The crypto currencies would bring the finance that was always missing. An accordingly legal setting is the only piece missing in the puzzle.

In 1681, a famous meeting with a business men delegation, the French economy minister, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, asked them: “How can the Government help you?” and they answered “Mr. Minister, let us do”.

Under this piece of advice, Argentina can become a Silicon Valley of the bitcoin.

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