External demand continues to underpin the price of Argentine wheat

​Both recent harvest wheat and new 19/20 wheat crop face a very active demand from international buyers. Many shipments scheduled for December were rescheduled for January resulting on another bulky month of deliveries that add pressure to wheat prices in the local market.

Source: http://www.bcr.com.ar/eng/informativosemanal_Noticias.aspx?pIdNoticia=176

Argentine wheat exports remain high, especially to Brazil and Indonesia. Wheat and barley exports combined, measured in FOB US$, shipments in December accounted for US$ 574.8 million. This is the highest record in at least the last 6 years.

According to NABSA data, there are 2.67 Mt of wheat vessels loaded and waiting for loading in January. Little more than 63% of the wheat shipments will leave the ports of Rosario, totaling 1.7 Mt.

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