What is it?

The SENASA initials, Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria are for National Agri-Food Industry Quality and Health Service. 

This company is a decentralized organism with economic-financial, technical-administrative autarchy and endowed with its own legal status, under the National Agroindustry Ministry.
They are in charge of executing the national politics with regard to the animal’s and vegetable’s quality and health and of the innocuousness of their competitor`s food. Also to verify that the norms (referred to the subject) are being respected.

Our company is enrolled in Argentinian’s seeds and by-products controller and certifiers register, accordingly to what is stablished in the 44/94 resolution from SENASA.    .



What is it?

The RUCA initials, Registro Único de la Cadena Agroalimentaria are for the Single Register of the Agri-Food Chain.

RUCA counts with inspectors who are enrolled in the Single Register of the Agri-Food Chain’s Operators, accomplishing with the requirements stablished by the SENASA.

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